Holiday season has officially begun! This year, it’s time to step up your holiday decorating game. Once your Christmas tree is adorned and your home is glowing with lights, turn your attention to your dining room. Table settings are often forgotten during the rush of the holiday season, but a well-designed tablescape can do wonders for a holiday party or even simple dinner.


Not sure where to start when designing your tablescape? Here are a few tips:


Don’t forget fresh flowers.

No table setting is complete without fresh flowers or, at a minimum, greenery. Flowers can make your table setting dramatic by incorporating a large centerpiece with layers of blooming flowers and leads. Deep reds set against white blossoms are a classic and stunning look. For a simplified look, consider bud vases or eye-catching arrangements of leaves.

Incorporate table linens.

Table linens are important, but we mean more than a tablecloth. A table runner is a great alternative, and linen napkins are a must. You don’t need to match all of your linens. Instead, layer them and incorporate colors and patterns that complement each other. This will lead to a more curated look.

Mix and match the dinnerware.

Mix and match dinnerware by incorporating different patterns or simply using a different salad and dinner plate in your place setting. This is a great way to make your tablescape stand out. An easy way to do this is to use a classic white dinner plate, then place a bold-colored or patterned salad plate on top.

Don’t overdo it.

While your table setting should feel layered and curated, your guests still need room to eat. Consider the number of guests your hosting and how many dishes and glasses you will need room for on your table before filling it with decor.

Still need more help? Pamela Hope Designs curates holiday looks across the Houston area each year. Call us today for a consultation!





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