I enjoyed some much needed R&R with my husband, Jon, last week. Jon has been saying how we should visit Bend, Oregon, for quite a while. We thought spring would be a delightful time, and was it ever! The hills were green, the trees were loaded with blossoms, the tulips and daffodils were blooming, and the air was crisp and cool. Believe it or not, with all that color, the ski resort, Mt. Bachelor, was still open for weekend skiing and there were 20-foot high snow drifts on the road on the way to the mountain.






We looked at some local real estate, and it was interesting for me. I enjoy the iconic Pacific Northwest style. They use a lot of wood because timber has always been available and if painted, siding is usually rather dark. There is a tendency for homes to blend into the landscape more than they do in Texas. Updated trends include a lot of complex rooflines and cantilevered roofs. Xeriscaping works well, too, because the local flora is quite attractive. And they use rain chains instead of gutters! You will see more of that down here soon, too, I predict.

Rain chains

Image via: Rainchain.com

We finished our visit with a quick flight up to Ketchikan, Alaska, Jon’s hometown. His father was celebrating a birthday, so we had a fun family dinner.

Since southeastern Alaska is all about the water, it gave Jon a chance to review his own boat building plans. He is very excited. He wanted a little consulting from PHD, so he took the plans and marked them out on the floor. That was clever and very helpful in making some design decisions.



You never know when design will pop up, do you? For us it pops up all of the time!

Danna kept things hopping back at the office. She had a powder room and art niche wallpapered in a Rice Military townhome, she moved a client into a new luxury apartment and is helping a Camp Logan client prepare for a visit from his mother in law with some universal design and furnishings that will better suit their needs. She also stayed busy with year-end activities for the girls. They were both honored at an awards ceremony where they received awards and scholarships. They are doing so well, and we are all proud of them.

Bulbs, boats, and spring travel inspire me.  Until next time, find your own inspiration or call us and we’ll help you find it!

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