Oriental rugs have been a design staple for ages! They tend to be intricate, elaborate pieces that can add depth to any space. With the fall season quickly approaching, the trend forecast predicts that contemporary and traditional rugs are going to be all the rage. Choosing between the two types can be difficult, but we’re breaking down the traditional and contemporary styles to help you choose the best rug for your space.

Contemporary design is all about subtle patterns, minimalism and cleanliness. Not to be mistaken with modern design, contemporary design allows for some rule breaking. Your space could even be designed around your contemporary rug.

Growing up, we’ve seen our share of traditional oriental rugs. Traditional rugs tend to be consumed with heavy floral printing and wide borders. Don’t mistake the traditional style for boring. Traditional oriental rugs are eternal and convey a warm, intimate feeling in your space.

Whether you go the contemporary or traditional route, oriental rugs are a must-have staple this fall! Tweet us at @phopedesigns and show us how you’re incorporating oriental rugs into your designs!

BP 6-1

Image Source: RugKnots

BP 6-2

Image Source: Abrahams Oriental Rugs

BP 6-3

Image Source: Abrahams Oriental Rugs


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