After selecting our basic layout, our architect Greg Swedberg of 2Scale Architects, drew up some exterior elevations.  We were so excited about that meeting because it really made the project feel like it was progressing and provide a vision of the home.  

We knew we would have a large, three-car garage up front for lots of parking and to push the home back from the busy street.  We also wanted a small courtyard and several entrances at the front of the house, i.e., you could enter via the garage, the court yard or the front door.  Since your view of our new home is a quick one from Memorial Drive, elements like windows, walls and roof lines were important to catch the eye.




 These are the three that Greg proposed.  I liked all three of them but I knew the third would be too formal for my husband.  A bit too much a chateau perhaps?  

 The second sketch looked a bit busy.  We both felt the arched windows over a garage were a little too heavy.

 We both really liked the first one.  It had a cozy feeling, with interesting rooflines and just the right amount of detail.  I also thought this house would look best on the street between the existing Mediterranean style home and the modern farmhouse style house that had just been built last year.

 So, sketch number one it is!  Do you like it?  What do you think?

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