Art in Your Home Office

Art shouldn’t just look good. It should engage and motivate you. Consider using art in your home office to motivate you and the business vibe you seek. In one client’s home office, we introduced the “We Can Do It!” positive attitude from World War II in one vintage-with-a-spin print. In the second, we’re inspired by the strength and leadership of fan-favorite Princess Leia. The clean lines and neutral tones of the office furniture are met with strong energy and a feminine touch through two bold art pieces. Consider the motivation to get it done in this office!

Art in Your Home OfficeArt can inspire in less direct ways, too. This lively French print (at left) invigorates this hallway in a Memorial Park home. Adding a more conservative piece of art certainly would have changed the feel of this area. We chose to go with a large, energizing print on this main wall, opposite the smaller wall with an assortment of smaller framed pieces that are more subdued.

We carefully consider how spaces are used in a home and office and then place art in key focal points. In the photo at right, Pamela takes a final look at a collection of watercolor paintings hung vertically at the base of a stairwell. The area opens into an open-format kitchen and living area with high ceilings, so the vertical arrangement of the art takes advantage of that height.Art in Your Home Office

The bright watercolor paintings evoke a lighter, happy mood, which is great in this area since social gatherings often happen in the kitchen and living room. This art also pops against the clean, white walls.

Where have you seen art cleverly used in a home or office to evoke a positive mood? Was it done through color, content or another element? Share your thoughts with us. If you’d like professional help with using art in your home office to motivate you, contact us today.

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