#QuickTips: 3 Ways to Dress Up a Dull Window


Sometimes a room is calling out for an extra touch. When you have a dull window, that’s the perfect place to add a piece of décor. We have a few easy ways to add a creative element to any window:


  • Add a vintage architectural element.
    Vintage elements such as stained glass windows can easily be hung in front of your current windows for an extra pop. Try searching in your local flea market or antique store for a unique piece.


  • Find the perfect garland.
    Garland is an affordable option for switching up your window for every season and holiday. Create your own or look for handmade pieces to use for each season and holiday.


  • Dress the ledge with plants.
    If you’ve been browsing the interiors of Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll know that small potted plants are all the rage right now. Pick an assortment of air plants, succulents, or herbs to dress the window. Let the pots show off your style by choosing colors or patterns that coincide with your room’s color palette.


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