Have you ever wondered what an interior designer would notice first about your home? It can be difficult to look at your own home with a critical eye, but knowing where to focus your creative energy can help put you on the right track when redesigning your home. As a designer, there are a few areas that we notice first. These are the individual areas I often put the most time into when helping my client create their dream design. You and your guests may notice these elements right away, but with the right ideas, they can pull an entire home together! Here are the four elements I notice first in nearly every home:



What’s the first thing a guest does? Step into your home! The flooring they’re stepping on is a major element of your home. Old carpet or out-of-style tile floors can make your home feel drab. Even new hardwood floors can seem cold and uninviting without the perfect rug. The first step is to make sure your rugs are the right style and size, and if necessary, to replace your old floors.



When I say paint, color is most likely the first thing you think of. However, the finish of your paint is just as important. Once you’ve chosen the perfect color, stick with matte or flat finishes in large areas like the living room and dining room. It’s also important to hire reliable, professional painters. Nothing ruins a great color like a sloppy paint job.



Properly scaled furniture is key when designing a space that flows. Furniture that is too large for a space can be overwhelming and too-small furniture can leave the room feeling empty. As an interior designer, we also look at what vintage and antique pieces are worth saving and what just needs to go!



Interior designers also notice what most of your guests will see first—clutter! Keeping spaces clutter-free and clean can give your home a whole new look before you even begin your renovation. To avoid clutter, ensure you have plenty of storage that blends into your home and avoid displaying too many accent pieces.

Image via: Pamela Hope Designs




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