We’re always on the lookout for the next trend in interior design. Lately, I’ve noticed that many designers are incorporating reclaimed and weathered wood into their décor. Oftentimes, wood is limited to flooring and that shouldn’t be the case! Textured and weathered wood is now being included in beams, ceilings, wall décor and furniture. We’ve put together a few of our new favorite out-of-the-box uses of wood.

Ceiling Beams
Having your ceiling lined with wooden beams evokes a warm feeling. It can make a large, empty space feel smaller and cozier.

Wall Décor
Wooden wall décor gives your space a rustic chic vibe. Consider a large mirror framed with weathered wood or even decorative, wall mounted letters.

Reclaimed wooden furniture has to be one of my favorite trends. A nice coffee table, dining room table or nightstand can elevate your rustic décor.

We’re so excited about the reclaimed and weathered wood trend. How are you incorporating wood into your redesign? Let us know in the comments.


Image Source: The Rural Building Company via Houzz


Image Source: Rikki Snyder


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