When planning the remodel that will result in your dream kitchen, it’s easy for homeowners to forget about the details that make a kitchen wonderful to cook in by getting lost in tile samples and color palettes. At Pamela Hope Designs, when we plan a kitchen renovation with our clients, storage is one of the most important elements we take into account. In a modern kitchen, there is a gadget for everything, pushing storage to its limits.

There are many clever ways to sneak in more pantry storage into your home besides adding cabinets. Here are a few ways to find additional pantry space in your kitchen:

Use a Standalone Cabinet
Adding a set of cabinets to a wall is an option, but standalone cabinets can add flair to a design. In a recent project, we used the bottom cabinets of a pie safe (pictured above) for additional dry storage. A pantry solution such as this doesn’t require filling in an entire wall.

Convert Nearby Closet Space
Occasionally, homes have a closet with the only purpose of filling up with old junk. If you have a closet like this, consider building out a custom storage solution inside. Making use of drawers and adjustable shelving inside a closet can make it much more useful.

Repurpose an Adjacent Room
Consider making a bolder change. If you have a small, adjacent room, it can be converted into a large pantry and wine storage space—maybe even outfitted with a kegerator! These rooms may currently be breakfast nooks or dens that are rarely used.

Add to the Laundry Room
Often, laundry rooms have additional storage space. This is a great, dry area to store your Costco hauls. You can add additional cabinets to the laundry room or use open shelving for easy access.

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