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When redesigning a home, the first thing we do is set a budget. Once your budget is set, it’s important to know where exactly you should splurge and buy quality pieces. If you’re committed to creating a beautiful room that will age tastefully, you will have to allocate a significant portion of your budget to buying top-notch pieces. Here’s where we recommend putting your investment in for your next redesign:


The Essentials

Start with the essentials. The statement pieces you will use the most are the dining room table and chairs. A well-made set of chairs and a sturdy dining room table can last for decades, while a cheap set may only last a few years. Search for high-quality craftsmanship and upholstery for these items.

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Another essential for many dining rooms is the next statement piece: a buffet or hutch. While china cabinets have fallen by the wayside, buffets are still timeless pieces that offer storage and style.


Wall Décor

In many dining rooms, the walls are bare. Homeowners tend to focus too much on the furniture and forget that much of the ambience in the room comes from art or other wall décor. This adds a focal point to the space. We’re currently loving bold or metallic accent walls using patterned wallpaper. High-quality wall coverings will age well, and custom art may be pricey but adds another family heirloom to your collection.



Don’t skimp on dinnerware. Splurging on a nice set of dinnerware will allow you to sit down to a dish set you really love every day and make any meal feel special. If you already have a set of nice dinnerware, you can purchase a set of decadent salad or dessert plates that you can mix and match with your current china.



It’s time for that builder-grade chandelier to go! Whether it’s pendants or a contemporary chandelier, the right lighting can make the statement that finishes off a room and creates the chic atmosphere you desire. You can also consider intricate sconces or vintage lighting pieces to add a unique flare.


Is it time for you to upgrade your dining room? Contact us today for a two-hour consultation. We can help you create the dream home you’ve always wanted.

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