Winter 2015 was a challenging time for home construction in Houston, Texas. The real estate market was on fire and builders were working hard to increase home inventories. Crews were booked well in advance and it took weeks to get calls returned and even longer to get bids and quotes. On top of that, it never stopped raining! We, along with everyone else, waited and waited to get our slab poured.

Finally, it cleared up for a day or two and our crew arrived. I knew Jon had wanted to be there, but of course, it happened when we were out of town. We were at our annual ski week in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, so it wasn’t that bad. We couldn’t wait to check out the photos once we were off the slopes.

All went well and the slab got poured. The next major hurdle was continuing to have more dry weather. That didn’t happen, so the framing crews couldn’t get started for quite a while. Finally, again, it cleared up for a few hours here and there. We got our house framed up and it looked fantastic!

Next, we waited for the roof. Again, you need dry weather, which we had not seen for months. We were really excited about getting the roof up, because our design had some complicated roof lines. We felt the roof was a prominent feature of our home, so we selected a high definition, multi-colored architectural shingle. We were dying to see those shingles in place!

Finally, the roof was completed and we loved the shingles! The honeymoon was short though when several weeks later, the architect said the six dormers on the garage were wrongly placed. Fast forward through several weeks of negotiations, consultations with other builders and architects and arguments between the frame carpenter and the architect. We broke down and requested bids on how much it would cost to redo a large portion of the roof. John was not excited about it, but I finally decided it was important to redo the dormers. It took about six more weeks to get the dormers fixed and nearly three more months to get new shingles installed, but we had a nearly finished roof with well-placed dormers at this point!

The weather may not have been on our side, but we were so excited for what was to come! Stay tuned!

1Slab in the Rain2
Jon Inspecting the Slab Close Up3We’ve Been Framed and We’re Thrilled4PHD and 2 Scale Architects Signage5Roofers at Work6Our Beautiful Shingles7Tight Shot of the Roof Line

8Dormers Too High9PDF of Garage Dormer Placement

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