Now that Daylight Savings Time has begun, the days are longer and we can feel the hot Texas weather slowly creeping in. With warmer temperatures and longer days, now is the perfect time to start decorating your outdoor patio for all of the barbecues and family gatherings you will host.4-tips-for-designing-your-outdoor-patioGet your space party-ready with these 4 tips:

It gets hot – install a ceiling fan
The Texas heat can sometimes be unbearable, so make sure to keep the air circulating! Stay away from dramatic statement lighting and go with a more traditional outdoor option instead.

Use stain-resistant materials
Let’s face it, food and drink spills are inevitable. Don’t stress over food stains. Instead, invest in washable, stain-resistant materials. Many people think that easy-to-clean fabrics aren’t stylish, but this just isn’t true! You can find fun and sophisticated patterns that are easy to maintain.4-tips-for-designing-your-outdoor-patioKeep it easy to maneuver through
Whether you’re hosting 5 people or 20 people, you want your space to be fluid and easy to maneuver through. If your patio is smaller, don’t clutter it with too much furniture. Choose multifunctional pieces like benches that can be used for seating and storage.

Mix and match materials
Go bold and mix and match different materials and styles. For instance, you can combine metal and teak furniture with touches of wicker. As for colors and styles, you can combine a couple bright colors or use patterns. If you want to combine different elements, make sure to have one unifying theme. Whether it’s going with a certain color, pattern or material, your design should be cohesive.

Integrate these tips into your next patio design and you’re guaranteed to have a space that you and your guests will love. We want to see your patio photos! Share them with us on Twitter!Get in Touch

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