As the temperature drops, we pull out more of our warm and cozy socks, pajamas, and blankets. There’s nothing quite like feeling warm with a hot cup of cocoa in bed with a good book! Cozy pajamas are one thing, but to really be cold-weather ready, you need a cozy bedroom to snuggle up in.

You can achieve a winter-ready bedroom in just a few steps. Follow our tips, and you will have a beautiful, warm sanctuary in no time!

Velvet Touches
Mastering the cozy aesthetic is all about adding the right textures to your space. One texture trend we’re seeing this season is velvet, and we’re loving it! Velvet, while trendy now, is a timeless design element. The key in choosing the right velvet for your space is to keep it subtle. You can add a touch of velvet through furniture upholstery, such as an accent chair or a storage bench. It’s also easily found on many throw pillows during this time of year. When it comes to color, keep within your bedroom’s palette. Velvet can help neutral colors to really shine.

Layered Rugs
One of the easiest ways to update your bedroom is by layering rugs. You most likely already have one rug in your room, but to really warm up your wood or tile floors, layering rugs of varying sizes and textures will do wonders. Start with the main rug in your bedroom, then layer on smaller rugs on either side of your bed in complementary colors.

Reading Nook
A reading nook can be as simple or elaborate as you like. If you’re creating a reading space in your bedroom, we like to keep it simple. All you need is a few elements: A cozy chair, throw, ottoman, and side table. Throw these together in a corner, and you have a reading nook!

Rotate Art
To complete a well-styled space, art is a must. If you have a collection of pieces, consider rotating them with the changing seasons. For the winter and fall, we like to bring in new pieces in darker hues that remind us of cooler weather.

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