Update Your Patio for Spring

In Texas, every home should have an amazing outdoor space! Our sunny summers just beg for a beautiful space to sip mimosas with friends and family. For your next home project, consider redesigning your neglected outdoor space. It doesn’t take much to transform a backyard, patio, or deck. With the right eye and a few key elements, you’re set! Here are a few ideas of where you should begin to make your backyard an entertaining oasis:

Build a privacy trellis.

In Houston, lots have become much smaller in the past decade. If you can easily see your neighbor’s windows from your backyard, consider building a privacy trellis to make even your urban backyard a private space. Trellises also double as a great space to mount decor.


Freshen up paint.
If your deck is stained or painted, freshen it up with a new stain or coat of paint. This should also be done with the outside of your house, which should be pressure washed and repainted if needed. This will make the bones of the space feel like new again.

Install a deck.

If your backyard is only a large plot of grass, then start by building a patio or deck. There are many designs to choose from to fit with the architecture of your home and that will last the test of time. This foundation will allow you to begin selecting the pieces that will really make the space feel like a second living space.


Select quality furniture.

If you’re the type who is always outside, then quality furniture will not only last you longer, it will be more comfortable. Consider buying additional pieces, such as an outdoor sectional, weatherproof rug, and chiminea to really create an outdoor living room.

Hang a swing or hammock.

Guests and kids will love this! There are many luxe options that will add a fun or bohemian look to your patio.

Block the sun.

Hang outside even on the hottest summer days by blocking the sun. You can create shade by hanging outdoor curtains.

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