A beach house is the perfect retreat, a place to relax and have fun with family and friends. When designing your beach house, it’s important to allow the space to be a place for relaxing and entertaining. Here are our favorite ways to decorate the perfect costal-living getaway:

Choose Your Color Scheme
We like to use natural hues to give the space a chic, beach inspired look. Adding in crisp white accents gives the place a casual yet elegant vibe. You can also add unexpected bits of color that ensure guests won’t miss a single, stunning detail.

Keep Your Design Simple
If you’re anywhere near the beach, let the scenery become your artwork. Make your view the focal point of your house, utilize wide windows, and incorporate natural light. You can even rearrange your furniture to face the ocean!

Incorporate Guests into Your Space
When planning a guest room, keep the feel of a hotel in mind. Use a soothing color scheme and plenty of pillows, storage, and bathroom essentials. Make sure to include plenty of storage space and feel free to add décor you’ve found in your local beach town!

Avoid Installing Carpet
Sand and carpeting just don’t mix. Instead, wood floors make the place to feel durable and easy to clean. You can also add area rugs to give the room a new pattern.

Let Your Bathroom Be A Spa-Like Sanctuary
Your beach house should be a place where you can relax, and that includes your bathroom! Chrome, marble, and gray are all timeless in a master bathroom and can make you feel as if you’re in your own personal spa.

Subtlety is Your Friend
Though near the beach, your house doesn’t have to include only nautical items. If you want a subtler approach to your beach house, think of the space as a place to celebrate coastal style. You can coordinate subtle hints of marine life and seashells into your space. Coral, driftwood, or a few thoughtfully chosen seashells can adorn a shelf or counterspace.

Upsize Your Dining Table
A beach house should be the perfect place to entertain. You can maximize guest seating with a large, farm-style table. This is also a great space to include some marine decorations or a table runner with a unique pattern on it.

Include Functionality in Your Design
When picking out décor for your beach home, remember the wear and tear imposed by the elements. Focus on seating that is going to be comfortable on sunburned skin. Think about how much cleaning will be necessary for certain fabrics. Remember that this house is dedicated to making you comfortable!

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