Arguably, everything in life is about balance, but this is especially true when it comes to interior decorating. Balance juxtaposition is key in decorating feminine and masculine furnishings, textures, and etc. In Feng Shui, the interaction of Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) creates the quality of energy needed to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Though everyone’s styles are different, finding a happy medium between you and your spouse’s style is what makes your home uniquely yours. It’s all about balance, so here are three tips to follow when decorating your house as a couple.

  1. Balance light and dark colors.

When choosing a color palette, it’s essential to have a combination of light and airy and dark and exclusive. The first decision is what paint color to choose. Consider choosing a neutral color, as it works well with both feminine and masculine décor. If the paint color is on the darker side, then blend the room with light furnishings and textiles. Equalize a room with light draperies and soft furniture using dark window trim and accent pieces to make it feel just right.

  1. Balance a leaning space.

If one room is leaning too much toward one side, add a little of the opposite. For instance, if a room is masculine in the sense of earthy hues, colors, and furniture, accessorize with femininity. Add a pop of color to a dark space, throw a soft blanket over a leather couch, or add some blooms to a wooden buffet table. Contrast feminine and masculine décor with accents; be sure to pair soft and shiny with matte and rigid.

  1. Use a mixture of textiles.

To make a room cohesive, combine floral and frilly fabrics with geometric patterns. For instance, if you’re using a feminine textile such as lace bedding, balance it with stripe prints in draperies, or add geometric pillows to harmonize a rug that is accented with flowers.

In order to apply this design principle in your own home, you must first decide what vibe you want the room to possess—a masculine feeling, feminine feeling, or both. Think about the energy you’re aiming for and those who will use the space to help guide your decision. View our cheat sheet to help you decide the elements you should incorporate into the space! To achieve a masculine and feminine balance, use a few things from both categories.

Feminine Masculine
Soft Firm
Light and airy Dark and dense
Embroidered Geometric
Delicate Sharp
Lace Leather
Floral Stripe
Metallic Matte
Bright Earthy
Curve Straight

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