Interior design may not come naturally to all men. However, with a few tips, a masculine sensibility can shine through in great design, making your space feel more personalized and grown-up. Whether you’re a swingin’ bachelor or a family man, your style should help inform your home and office décor. Our favorite men all love a good project, so apply these tips to your own interiors and infuse a bit of yourself into the design.



One of the biggest factors in creating a masculine space is to choose the perfect colors. This is where men tend run into challenges. Here’ our advice: don’t over complicate your design. Instead, keep your color choices simple with a palette of two or three colors.


Earth tones

Live in a space that reflects a strong and adventurous love of nature.

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Shades of grey

Color combinations with shades of grey provide a bold and orderly palette for any man to relax in.

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Rich and robust

For the bold man, go for rich and robust colors to create a dramatic impact that brings some extra spice to your space.

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It’s all about quality vs. quantity when placing furniture in a masculine room. If you have the essentials to anchor your space, then you are on your way to creating a design that is timeless, classic, and functional.


Dark wood or metal headboards are popular, stylish, and present a strong, masculine look for creating the perfect bedscape.

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Leather sofas are the perfect seating option for a bachelor pad. Leather is sleek, durable, and over time becomes more beautiful with age adding charm and character.

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Dressers or tables

Allow your dressers or tables to be the statement piece in the room with a vintage look that screams for attention.

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Just because the room you’re decorating is designed to suit a man’s taste doesn’t mean that your décor options are limited. Everything in your home should be displayed with purpose. Look for pieces that add texture to your space, such as:


Books are a great way to style a masculine space. They can function as décor or be used to hold objects that match your already existing décor.

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Displaying art is the perfect finishing touch to any room, and masculine rooms are no exception. Art is one of the easiest ways to add color, personality, or mood to a room. Ditch the posters and go for something unique and original.

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For men, comfort is key, and adding a rug really ties a room together. Rugs can provide men with that extra boost of coziness while enhancing the space with texture.

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Whether you’re designing a room for a man or you’re a guy looking to update your space, we hope our tips have you ready to get started! If you’re looking to master the balance of feminine and masculine design with your spouse, click here to read our battle of the sexes blog for more design tips.

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