When it comes to designing a living room, there are certain pieces that are a must. Of course you have your seating and lighting, but what about a spot to put your drink? That’s right – we’re talking coffee tables! Coffee tables actually get their name from being a place where you set your coffee and cocktails. However, mugs and wine glasses aren’t the only things that can go on your coffee table.

Now-a-days, many people are straying away from traditional coffee tables and using ottomans instead. To help you create a beautiful tablescape, incorporate these five must-have essentials:

coffee-table-essentialsImage Source: Pamela Hope Designs

Fresh flowers are a perfect addition to any space. Depending on the style of your living room, you can use a modern vase or something as simple as a mason jar. As for the flowers, choose from bold colors or softer whites and pastels. The best thing about flowers is that you can change them frequently!

Let your guests take a peak at your favorite reads by housing two or three of your favorite books on your table. We recommend that the books you choose visually coordinate with one another. Whether they’re the same size or color scheme, it’s important that your book collection look effortlessly put together. If you have too many books that don’t fit on the table, showcase them on your bookshelf!

Similar to flowers, candles are a versatile addition to your coffee table décor. Create a soothing atmosphere by layering your table with a duo or trio of your favorite scents. When lit, the candles can help the ambiance of a room.

coffee-table-essentialsImage Source: Pamela Hope Designs

Nothing pains us more than the sight of watermarks on a beautiful coffee table. Remedy this by investing in unique coasters. You’d be surprised by the varieties and styles available! You can find coasters with intricate, cutout designs or made of cork. If you like to travel, buy a coaster from each of your destinations to act as conversation starters for your guests. You can also get your favorite photos printed onto them!

Mini Bar
Treat your guests to a cocktail by making your table into a mini bar! Just place a tray on your table and add small bottles or decanters of your favorite liquors, an eye-catching ice bucket and two or three glasses. 

When curating your coffee table essentials, it’s important to have fun. Remember, your coffee table should always be a reflection of your personality, so make it yours! We want to see how you’ve styled your coffee tables! Share your photos with us on Twitter using #PHDcoffeetable!

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