Date night usually means dressing up, reviewing menus, making reservations, and sometimes fighting crowds. That doesn’t have to be the case, however. You can have a casual, romantic date night in your own home. With a little planning and imagination, you can create a tradition with your significant other or simply try something new. If you’re looking for date night ideas for staying in your own cozy home, keep reading!

Movie Night Upgrade
Why just go to a movie, when you can create an experience? Choose a movie with your partner and choose a few recipes to cook that go with the theme of the movie. A classic pick is your favorite Godfather film paired with spaghetti carbonara and a bottle of Chianti.

Game Night
Choose a new game to play together. You can spend the evening snacking on appetizers you’ve made yourself, learning a new game, and embracing a little competitive fun. The winner gets to choose the game for your next game night!

Wine or Spirit Tastings
Purchase a few bottles of wine or your favorite kind of spirit, prepare a plate of well-paired cheeses and meats, and light the candles. This is also a great option for double-dates.

Vacation Planning
Whether you already have an upcoming vacation or are considering one, a vacation planning date is exactly what you need. Block time on your calendar with your significant other to do some serious planning. Before you get started, you can cook a meal together that is inspired by the region you plan to visit.

We hope you enjoy these ideas for stay-in date nights. Before your date night, consider making a few design changes to your home to make it more intimate. You can read our five tips for making your home more romantic here.

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