A more intimate home is at your fingertips! By following a few design best practices, you can create a lovely, intimate date night at home instead of heading to a crowded restaurant—and why stop there? Making a few changes to your home can make it seem more intimate for you and your significant other every day of the week.

Dim the lights, cue the music, uncork the wine, and follow these tips to excite your senses and create a more intimate and romantic home.

Smell is a more powerful sense in interior design than you might think. A pleasant, luxurious scent can make it feel as though you’re a world away in your own home. To create a more intimate evening for your partner, consider choosing one of his/her favorite scents to fill the space with. We recommend a candle for its soft, soothing light.

Music is a powerful way to set the mood. It’s one of the many reasons why we recommend installing a quality sound system when designing a home. It’s time to ditch those old, ugly speakers and get an upgrade. If you’d rather not install an entire system, there are many high-quality Bluetooth speakers that are aesthetically pleasing that you can choose.

You already break out the wine and cheese for at-home date nights, but how are you serving them? A beautiful presentation can instantly make your date night more elegant. Consider purchasing a cheese board that matches your decór and wine glasses that are appropriate for the kind of wine you’re serving.

There’s nothing as cozy as cuddling up on the couch. To make your space more comfortable, consider adding layers of texture. You can do this by adding a few extra throw pillows in coordinating colors or patterns and a soft throw blanket.

You need more than a nice candle to soften the lights. Ceiling lights can be harsh, leaving your room too bright if they’re on at night and too dark if they’re off. Install a dimmer switch to soften the lighting. You should also have secondary lighting, such as a few lamps or sconces.

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