Playing with geometric shapes isn’t just for toddlers. Interior designers love incorporating geometric elements into their design, because they add rhythm and personality to décor. Here are a few ideas on how to add these elements into your space:

Wall Accents
Wall accents add dimension to your décor. Achieve this by painting geometric patterns on your wall, using pattered wallpaper or hanging frames of different shapes and sizes. 

Be playful with your flooring. Instead of solid colored tile, consider using tiles with graphic patterns. 

Accent Pillows
Accent pillows are constantly referred to as a source for innovating your décor, but it’s absolutely true! Pillows with bold colors and graphics are available virtually everywhere and can spice up any room.

Adding geometric elements to your décor enhance your room’s personality. What are your favorite ways to incorporate geometrics into your design? Let us know in the comments.BP5-3

Image Source: HGTV

Image Source: HGTV


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