Luxury in Interior Design - luxury master bedroom in Memorial Park, Houston

Luxury is often considered synonymous with extravagance. However, Pamela O’Brien of Pamela Hope Designs thinks of luxury as having a large time component to it, perhaps even more than financial. As one of Houston’s top luxury home decorators, Pamela creates luxury in interior design. Here she shares her thoughts on luxury in the home.

“People are so busy and so over-burdened with so much information and constant commotion every second of their lives,” Luxury in Interior Design- people are so busy and so over-burdened with so much information and constant commotion every second of their lives,” Pamela said.Pamela said. “Having the space and time to focus on what is truly important to you is the epitome of luxury for me.”

Recognizing that each individual has unique priorities, this reputable interior designer helps her clients create homes that are beautiful, comfortable and highly functional for them. A single, professional woman could certainly define luxury differently than a family with young children. By understanding how her clients live, work and relax, Pamela is able to make homes as unique as their residents. She takes pride in addressing each client’s call for luxury.

Pamela said she really likes clients to have a comfortable, well organized and uncluttered master bedroom, because “it can become a bit of a dumping ground.” Since guests seldom see the master bedroom, it’s often the last room to be unpacked after a trip or tidied before guests arrive. When space allows, Pamela plans for a cozy seating area in the master bedroom where owners can relax in a quiet setting.

“A master bedroom isn’t only for sleeping,” she said. “It can also be a private getaway every day. With the right furnishings, fabrics and colors, the master bedroom really can feel luxurious.”Luxury in Interior Design - Luxury Backsplash Tile in Spacious

Another favorite luxury of Pamela’s is a nice-sized pantry with a closed door. A close-up photo of Pamela’s own pantry is shown at right. The counter allows her to place items in a handy location without cluttering the kitchen. She has extended the aesthetics of her home by bringing into the pantry the tile backsplash shown.

“You can use your pantry to stage dishes while you’re entertaining,” she said. “You can also hide things in the pantry, if you don’t have time to unpack all your groceries or if a shipment from Amazon arrives right before event time.”

It’s truly a luxury to have a spacious pantry with counter space that can be used for multiple purposes, not just storing dry goods. It also allows homeowners to manage their time how and when they’d like.

How do you define luxury at home?

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