Getting started on a new interior design project is exciting and a lot of fun! As you get those creative juices flowing, it’s important to sit down and create a budget. Your budget will help you make the best decisions when choosing pieces for your room. Below are a few tips on how to create a budget and not go over your spending limit.

  • First and foremost, determine your budget and stick to it. Calculate how much you can spend on this project. If there are pieces that you want, but don’t have the funds for then save that for another time.
  • Make a design wish list. Find the pieces that you absolutely want and need to have and research how much those pieces cost. Doing so will give you an idea of where you should pinch pennies. Check out different websites like Overstock or Wayfair to see where you can get the best value for certain pieces. If there’s a costly item that you are obsessed with, try searching for similar pieces that are more budget-friendly.
  • Prioritize the important items you want to purchase, but don’t forget to factor in the labor costs. Oftentimes, people forget to budget in the costs for upholstering, framing, painting and custom window treatments.
  • Invest money in larger pieces that will define your room. Say you’re decorating your living room; you’ll want to really focus on a coffee table or bold chairs. The accent pillows can wait for another day. Spend money on the ‘wow’ pieces that you would first notice when walking into the room.

These tips will help you stick to your budget without sacrificing comfort, function and style. For more inspiration and tips, subscribe to our newsletter.

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