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Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

“Sixty-seven percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet, according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products

home design for pet lovers

Pet Clients of Pamela Hope Designs

Association (APPA).”  Many homeowners choose to treat their pets with extra tender loving care (TLC). Empty nesters often decide to route extra funds to spoiling their fur friends with extra pleasantries. So, what are some home décor aspects that Pamela Hope Designs is incorporating into homes with pets? Prepare for designer elements for homes with pets that will please homeowners and fur friends alike.

1. Incorporate a dog wash area near one of the entrances to your home so you can wash and dry your pet to avoid him/her parading through the house with mud from an outdoor walk. This mudroom is best outfitted with tile floors and walls for easy cleaning. Alternatively, you could choose a satin or semi-gloss paint that helps to repel fur, water and grime. We recommend a hand-held shower attachment to allow you to direct water easily onto your dog.

One of our clients included a shower and play area in their mudroom that allowed the homeowners to enclose their dogs in a dog-friendly area with a nice metal gate. The owners could see their pets playing safely inside when guests were visiting. This space also featured a dog washing area with a shower head and drain, so the pets could be washed without dirtying the rest of the house. The dog grooming area was decorated with white subway tiles and these adorable dog bone tiles on the walls. The floors featured one-inch square tiles as well as larger, dog print tiles for a festive feel.  As you can see in the above video, these pups are perfectly happy and comfy in their combo dog shower/den conveniently located in the utility room.

bath tiles for dog grooming areas

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

2. Speaking of dedicated pet zones, I absolutely love the idea of built-in dining stations for your pets’ feeding and food storage. Solutions like these keep supplies nearby (which means less kibble falling on the floor) and can be pushed back into their drawers when not in use. That’s right. No more tripping over the pet’s food bowl when fixing dinner or entertaining. The example below is one of my favorites. Since this is in the laundry room, the homeowners can easily fill a nearby water bowl with fresh water from the sink to the right of the counter. On the left, pet food is conveniently stored in one bin that sits just in front of a second container of spare plastic grocery bags, perfect for dog waste or other disposable items. If your pet is a messy eater/drinker like my tiny little cat, Bartholomew, having everything close at hand and contained will really help. Honestly, for being such a tidy little guy in his hygiene, Bartholomew makes a real mess out of his food and water bowls. Since I don’t currently have this nifty built-in set-up in our home, we use a large plastic tray to keep his mess at bay.

Photo Courtesy: Houzz

3). Pet-approved window treatments are a must. Heavy curtains or blinds that block pets’ views outdoors can turn into an obstacle that is pawed at and chewed. One friend tells the story of her Rhodesian Ridgeback pulling down the custom wood blinds on the front windows when her dog experienced separation anxiety from the owners. While the owners were literally across the street mingling with neighbors, they returned to blinds shredded throughout the living room. Of course, dogs aren’t the only pets who may get frustrated with window treatments. Cats have been known to tear curtains as well.

House Beautiful recommends: “Lightweight, sheer fabric curtains that will allow (pets) to enjoy their view. If you have blinds, make sure you pull them up, so the little darlings don’t bring them down accidentally.”

4). Don’t let your pet’s kennel detract from your décor. Stylish options abound that can easily be incorporated into your home’s public spaces without being an eye sore. After all, many pets are perfectly behaved when company arrives, especially when the pet feels safe in the right kennel. For example, the Luxury Pet Residence Dog Crate in Distressed Grey by Frontgate (on sale for $594.15 – $679.15, depending on the desired size) is constructed of fine hardwoods and doubles as an attractive piece of furniture.

pet crate as part of your home's decor

Photo Courtesy: Frontgate


5). No one likes seeing a kitty litter box. Place your litter box inside a wicker container like the white one below from Wayfair to dress up unsightly litter. The woven, non-porous synthetic wicker material makes this piece not only functional but also anti-microbial and resistant to odor. This retails for $203.

litter box covers


The brown wicker litter box cover shown above, right is kept discretely in a friend’s laundry room, just off the kitchen. The flat top doubles as a small tabletop, storing needed items for her cat or herself.

catios are all the rage for homeowners with cats

Photo Courtesy: Catster magazine

6. For the cat lover extraordinaire, catios are all the rage. Like a traditional patio, a catio offers a safe way to let your cat(s) play outside without the typical risks of letting your felines fend for themselves while roaming the neighborhood. However, don’t worry about this being an unsophisticated blemish to your property. On the contrary, you can combine a catio with a bit of a garden feel to achieve a luxurious setting that cats and humans enjoy. Consider the Zen-vibe created in the setting shown above, originally featured in Catster magazine. You can appreciate the garden and backyard pond while your furry friends enjoy the ramps to raised pedestals, all while being enclosed in a covered venue. When my mother was living in Utah, we created a catio for her out of PVC outdoor lattice on the side of her patio. It looked nice since it matched the trim on her house and it provided a safe way for her indoor cats to enjoy the great outdoors. Even if your cat can’t have access to outdoor spaces, you and your cat can safely soak up Mother Nature in a relaxing spot like this one. Cats are easy. They love softness, texture, warmth and comfort, just like us!

home decor for cat lovers

Cat-approved Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

7. Of course, not all pets have four legs. We helped one client incorporate this gorgeous saltwater aquarium in his mancave. When various sports are not playing on the nearby TVs, the homeowner and friends can enjoy this spectacular view. Talk about prime seating!

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

We hope you’ve enjoyed these designer elements for pet lovers. Be sure to also read “Designing a Pet-Friendly Home“. Whether you are a new pet owner or always seem to have at least one to keep you company, Pamela Hope Designs stays on top of the latest trends to customize homes that you and your pets will adore. Contact us to personalize your spaces for those you love.

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