Your entryway is the first thing your guests see when they walk into your home – and we all know that first impressions are everything! The entrance sets the stage for the rest of your home décor. While you want it to be cohesive with the rest of your home, it’s essential that it remains functional! Here are six tips for designing an entryway that will inspire some serious entryway envy.

Include a small table
It’s a rule of thumb that the fewer surfaces you incorporate, the less clutter you’ll have. However, your entryway is one of those places where it’s necessary! A table by your front door provides a space for guests to leave their bags or smaller items.

Use a floor runner
Leave the coco brush “Welcome Home” mat for the outdoors and place a colorful Persian rug inside your door. A vibrant rug provides a pop of color, texture and warmth.


Image Source: Kate Marker Interiors via Houzz

Hang a mirror
Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose entryway is the fairest of them all? Your entryway is the first and last place you see in a home. To ensure that you get that one last outfit check, hang an ornate mirror above your entryway table. This will also allow the area to appear larger than it is.

Find unique hooks or racks
Jackets, shoes and scarves are usually left by the door. Find hooks or a rack that won’t take away from your stylish designs, but will serve a purpose and help keep items from being scattered around your home.


Image Source: Anna Williamson Architect via Houzz

Incorporate personal accents
To make your desired first impression, include accents that are unique to you and your style. Place a vase with your favorite flowers on your table, or hang a custom art piece for personalization.

Pay attention to the functionality
All of these elements will make for a beautiful, inviting entryway. Unfortunately, this will all be lost if there is no functionality! Ensure that your designs make sense with the space and that your additions don’t hinder the ease of entering the house.

Follow these tips and ideas to create a welcoming entryway that’s designed to your taste and purpose for a great first impression on your dream home. Do you need help designing an entryway that your guests will be impressed with? Ask away on Twitter!


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