Sparking Creative Energy for Interior Design during Holiday Travels

Holiday Travels - Gingerbread Houses in Alaska 2019

As many of you know, Pamela and her husband Jon enjoy annual holiday travels to Ketchikan, Alaska and it always certain to spark creative energy. This year, Jon was unable to make the trip, so Pamela represented the duo.  As usual, the Boyer Towing Christmas party was a fabulous way to boost holiday spirits while visiting with friends and family. It’s always worth the trip.

“The sheer beauty of the state of Alaska never disappoints,” Pamela O’Brien, owner and principal designer at Pamela Hope Designs, said. “The outdoor views always inspire me, which is especially great as we prepare for the New Year.”

Even indoors, Pamela discovered more beauty in some fun and unsuspecting areas. The artful keg taps (shown in the photo collage below) at the new Bawden Street Brewery in Ketchikan, AK. were full of color and intricate design work. These locally made tap handles are signed and numbered by the artist Steve Locklear and available for purchase at the brewery — a wonderful way to support small businesses and local artists. The original table art at the brewery reflected the local culture and further energized Pamela’s creative juices.

Holiday Travels - Collage of Photos from 2019 Holiday Trip to Seattle and Alaska

On Pamela’s return trip, she visited her cousin (who is also an interior designer, as is her stylish neighbor) with an overnight stay in Seattle. This was the fourth year in a row for this fun visit! While a brief trip, Pamela was able to squeeze in sightseeing in Seattle, Bellevue and Yarrow Point, WA. Pamela said she especially enjoyed checking out the Glassybaby shop that has an impressive and motivating mission, plus great gifts such as these colorful candles held in hand-blown glass, shown below. She really appreciated the experience that Glassybaby provided its customers. Visitors were provided tealight candles and matches so that they could see and smell the candles when lit. (Admittedly, some candles can smell a bit different when lit.) It was also neat to see how the vibrant colors in the glass came alive with the flickering candle inside. After selecting the candle and glass to purchase, Pamela explained that Glassybaby took customer service to a new level by carefully washing any excess wax from the glass and ensuring the purchased product shined anew. “It was an impressive process,” Pamela said. “Plus, I really liked how each glass was completely unique since it’s hand-blown glass. No two are alike.”

Holiday Travels - Pamela at Glassybaby store and the colorful candles

As we close out 2019 and look forward to the New Year, where will you find creative inspiration? Will the sights and sounds of the holidays encourage you to take bold steps in 2020? Share your thoughts here and contact Pamela Hope Designs to bring refreshing changes to your home or office in the New Year. It’s time to spark your creative energy!

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