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Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

The new year is around the corner and it’s time to look at home improvement ideas for 2023! Last month I shared some of the great interior design trends that I saw firsthand at the world’s largest furniture trade show in High Point, NC. This month I want to share some of the top home improvements for 2023 and help our readers prioritize their home renovations.


Following the trend of designing rooms that bring the outside inside, windows are getting bigger. Some wonderful examples of this can be found at Mirror Gallery. The trend really started a few years ago but is still going strong. Just be aware that the process for updating windows can take time. Order lead times are averaging six months or longer depending on the product. If you are not in a hurry, this can really improve the exterior look of your home and bring in much desired natural light during the day. This said, don’t put this on the back burner. Many people are spending more time at home now that so many organizations have embraced hybrid work. Brighten your home with a good investment in large, quality windows.


Wallpaper is back and it’s amazing! Two of the biggest trends for 2023 will bring natural elements indoors as well as apply creative use of textures. Wallpaper can help with both with large format nature prints and textured wallpaper. Take a look at this selection from Graham & Brown. The wallpaper is textured with metallic highlights. This selection is in Boreas Teal & Silver, but there are several color combinations as you can see from the thumbnails further below. I also appreciate seeing stronger colors in many wallpapers that truly make an impact to spaces.

Photo Courtesy: Graham & Brown
Photo Courtesy: Graham & Brown

This nature-inspired trend was something we wrote about last summer in “The Latest in Wallpaper” and I’m thrilled to see such an expansion of options. From an accent wall or ceiling to wallpaper extended throughout an entire room, this is definitely a home improvement to adopt.

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

Spa Bathrooms
Another great idea for home improvements in 2023 is upgrading a bathroom into a spa bathroom. This can be a big makeover, or you can make some simple changes that can transform your bathroom into a retreat right at home. From a remodeling standpoint, you want to incorporate plenty of storage, opt for an oversized tub, and change out old sink and shower hardware. Incorporate a bench in your shower and upgrade your shower head to one that has different flow settings to help sooth sore muscles. There are even shower heads with adjustable heights so each resident can modify it to what feels best to you. Add plush towels and upgrade your toiletries to ones with your favorite aromatic scents to finish out your spa with the soft textures and smells that you love from your favorite spa. For more spa bathroom ideas, please see “Bathroom Investments Worth Their While” and visit our bathroom portfolio online.

Multi-function Kitchen Islands
Next year will continue to be one of transition for a lot of people who are now fully immersed in hybrid work. Some of us may have to return to the office for a few days a week, while others will continue to work from anywhere they can find a Wi-Fi signal and a power supply. Families have learned that spaces must be multi-functional. That is why large kitchen islands with plenty of seating are going to be another home improvement recommendation. The example below shows a nice island with seating for four that comes in handy not just at mealtime, but also during the work day to meet with clients in the home. For those families with both adults working from home, conference calls scheduled at the same time can push one person to a separate space to block out the other resident’s conversation. This is a nice solution.

Photo Courtesy: Homedit

Below is another kitchen that Pamela Hope Designs unveiled. It offers ample seating at the kitchen island as well as at the nearby kitchen table. It’s well-lit with both recessed lighting and hanging pendants above the island. To see more ideas like this one, visit our kitchen portfolio online.

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

Concealed Storage
Lastly, concealed storage at home is a popular home improvement for many reasons. One of our high net worth clients built hidden storage in an addition to their closet to store valuables. This same area can also serve as a safe room, locking intruders out. Many homeowners don’t need this extensive concealed storage but could benefit from its other uses.

Consider converting dead space under a stairwell into an office like we did for in the photo below. This takes advantage of unused footage and allows the home owner to close off work affairs and turn to family at the end of each day. When visitors arrive, this home owner can easily close off her office from the rest of the house.

Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

I hope these home improvement ideas sparked your energy for updates all your own. Remember that we’re still experiencing supply chain constraints that result in long lead times. We can help you find alternative materials or furnishings that maybe more readily available or we can create a blueprint that incorporates your favorite items within a realistic timeframe. If we can help you plan out your remodeling efforts and jumpstart the ordering, contact us online or call us today at 713-880-1934.

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