It’s always a pleasure talking about interior design. Houston has no shortage of interior designers so when I have the opportunity to share why design is so important to me, including a few of my “must-do’s” when designing, it’s always exciting. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to answer a series of questions regarding design, my style and why I believe rugs are such an important accessory in the design of a home. So today I wanted to share the interview with you. 

Here is an excerpt:

What would you describe as your style? Influences? Designers you emulate?

My style is an eclectic mix of things I cherish, collect, find and occasionally stumble upon.  The fun and challenging part is making sense of the mix.  I think my best and highest use is when I create a beautiful environment that makes my client happy, fits his or her lifestyle, works within the budget and is completed on schedule.  We hit the mark nearly all of the time and I am very proud of that.  I am a die-hard Martha Stewart fan.  I love how she makes simplicity absolutely fantastic.  She also has a strong retro vibe which I really cherish. I am continuously impressed by Candice Olson’s viability in the market.  I have also met Joe Ruggiero and appreciate his vim, vigor and signature style.  I envy Alexa Hampton’s dream projects, Barclay Butera’s combinations of clean lines and great fabrics and find Charlotte Moss’ representation of nature to be pure fantasy.

Read the entire interview as well as find out my top rules to live by when decorating your own space.

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