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Like many people around the world, Pamela Hope Designs is keeping an eye on the news with respect to the coronavirus and physical distancing. Still, we continue to quite effectively work with clients even on a virtual level. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at how our interior design projects move forward in a virtual environment. You may be surprised at how much our Thought Starters invigorate these projects, even while following distancing guidelines.

Flat screen TVs being wall mounted

As seen here, we are in the process of finishing a ranch in Smithville and are about to start on all new outdoor furniture for a bay house in Galveston. Since these vacation home projects are largely outdoors, they make social distancing a breeze!

We have recently installed lanterns in a Hunters Creek kitchen. Our vendor delivered the materials to the homeowner and carefully assembled them outside. Then the lanterns were hung inside the home with minimal disruption to the client. Additionally, we have also consulted on a major renovation in West U and designed draperies for a glamorous music room. For a few new clients, we are conducting consultations via Zoom and sending “Thought Starter” presentations.

slide with interior paint suggestions

So how do we show our clients the options we’re envisioning if we aren’t meeting in person? Many times, we start with photographs and videos of our clients’ current home with plenty of notes about what they like and dislike about the space as well as the homeowners’ personal interests and planned use for the area. Our design team works together to choose paint colors, wallpaper options, drapery fabrics and more. We create our “Thought Starter” presentations to show numerous options and even photographs of other spaces using some of our recommendations. Virtually walking our clients through these presentation slides show them how different designs could work in their home.

Remodeling plan slide

I’ve also found it helpful to show clients color options for their spaces along with photos from our other projects and even design magazines that gave us inspiration for their home. Sharing examples like these helps people imagine taking a small rectangle of color to a full bookcase or entire walls.

Examples of color used in actual rooms by an interior designer

We use this type of presentation to illustrate much more than just paint. As you’ll see below, we often display paint, wallpaper and even rug and furniture options visually on a slide to help pull it all together for our clients. Our clients really appreciate this and it’s fun to do this even in person or virtually.

slide showing wallpaper options

Physical Samples to Feel are Still Available with Virtual Consulting
Before purchasing items for our clients, we provide actual samples. The colors in wallpaper or fabric can look different online compared to when they’re viewed in the intended room. Lighting from fixtures as well as windows impacts the color seen. It’s valuable for clients to touch textured wallpapers and fabrics upfront to ensure they’re pleased with how it feels. Holding a luxurious fabric reassures clients that their selection is perfect for a new or reupholstered sofa or chair. Our favorite trade partners are very helpful in getting samples for our clients. It makes selections much easier, even if we cannot meet in person.

Similarly, small color fan decks can sometimes be difficult for clients to envision in larger scale. Fortunately, we can order larger format samples from our paint partners such as Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. Color sheets up to 8” x 11” sizes painting shelves and window seatmake it much easier to get a feel for the color intended for walls throughout a room.

In-Progress Project
Speaking of paint, here is another behind-the-scenes photo from a West University project that we’re working on, showing the paint selections being applied. Since the client isn’t living in this home, we’re easily able to keep working on the house’s décor. While not glamorous yet, the window seat and bookshelves in white are going to be fabulous for a clean look. With so many drawers, they’ll have ample storage space too.

Virtual Design on Ranch House
For the ranch house that I mentioned earlier, we selected the architect, helped to select the builder, made all selections with the client, managed much of the construction and are currently working on the window treatments, furniture art and accessories. The photos below show the breadth of our interior design skills, even while social distancing.

Panned Out View of Living Area at Ranch HouseDark Bookshelves in ranch homeStunning walkway up to ranch house





The kitchen shown here has been another fun aspect of the ranch project. We chose Marrakesh tile from Arizona Tile for the backsplash. The brown in the tiles pulls in the dark brown in the cabinetry. The different tile faces emit a great energy at a key high-end kitchen designfocal point in the kitchen, too. We chose a Monogram range with plenty of cooking space. You may remember my trip last November to Chicago, where I participated in training at The Monogram Design Center Chicago. I was happy to put that knowledge to good use for my client. Monogram, GE’s designer series of luxury kitchen appliances, was a great choice for this kitchen.

So many of the products for this client have been ordered during the social distancing order, yet this project continues on its planned timeline. That pleases both my clients and me!

So, whether our clients are isolating due to the coronavirus, want to remain focused while working from home or aren’t on location, there are plenty of ways that Pamela Hope Designs can safely keep interior design projects on track while working virtually.

Are you ready to jumpstart your next design project? Contact us for a virtual consultation.

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