Earlier in November, I was fortunate to make the trip to Chicago to participate in training at The Monogram Design Center Chicago and explore the kitchen appliances by Monogram. For those who may not be familiar with Monogram, this is GE’s designer series of luxury kitchen appliances. They are sharp-looking! Chef Jon delighted trainees with live cooking demonstrations using the Pro Range and Advantium® Speedcooking oven. Trainees were invited to try all the different cooktops and ranges by cooking two of our own meals. (We prepared chicken breasts served with orzo and asparagus on day one and the perfect omelette for breakfast the next day. Download the recipe for the Perfect Omelette.) I have to confess, it was much easier to cook eggs completely with no browning on the induction stove. After trying the same method at home on my gas range, I had a few brown spots. While I used to like my omelette browned a bit, after last week, I am a devotee of no brown spots! How do you like your eggs/omelettes prepared?

Another win with GE Monogram appliances is the hearth oven for a gourmet pizza with a perfect crust in just two minutes. Check out the short video included in this post of Chef Jon showing us how it’s done! The hearth oven was fun, yet practical. I can easily see this being installed in some of my clients’ homes.

Takeaways from the Monogram Training
What really stood out about the Monogram line was how the brand is embracing technology and luxury. It offers a streamlined look with a minimal amount of hardware and touchscreen technology. This approach pairs nicely with today’s modern style. WiFi-enabled, luxury kitchen appliances provide lots of shortcuts and options for busy lifestyles. These technology advancements make cooking and entertaining at home quick and easy.

From metal and glass refrigerator bins with silicone liners to craft ice and speed cooking, Monogram has gourmet, time-saving, luxury appliances for you!

What do you think of this streamlined look on kitchen appliances? Are you interested in a high, medium or low level of technology automation in your home? Leave your comments below to share your feedback. We want to hear your thoughts.

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