With the holidays just around the corner, we’re all scrambling to finalize our home decor before our guests arrive! Now that you’ve decorated your tree, adorned your living room and designed a cozy guest room, it’s time to design the ultimate bar area. Aside from the food, warm beverages and cocktails are the center of many holiday parties.

To create an in-home bar, you don’t necessarily need a lot of space. Now, if you have a room that you can dedicate to a bar, that’s great! However, you can go a long way with a smaller space as long as you have the right items. Below are a few of my must-have items for designing the perfect in-home bar.

Bar Cart
First and foremost, you need a bar cart. Bar carts are very versatile and can fit into practically any space. The different levels are wonderful for storing your glassware, barware and liquor and you can find bar carts in different shapes, sizes and colors. For an elegant look, we recommend gold or silver plated carts.


Image Source: LMC Interiors via Houzz

Open Shelving
Although bar carts can store most of your essentials, you’ll still need additional space for your liquor collection or glassware. Open shelving is a great solution. Aside from providing additional space, open shelving allows your beautiful collection to be seen by guests.

Prep Area
Having a prep area is crucial. You don’t need a lot of space, but having a small countertop and sink can go a long way. After all, you do need space to create those signature cocktails.


Image Source: Pamela Hope Designs

You’ll love having a dedicated bar area for your next holiday party! If you’re more of a wine connoisseur, you can also create your very own in-home wine cellar. We want to know: what are your bar area essentials? Share your must-haves with us on Twitter!


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