Easy Tips for your living room  

Living rooms are special! Living rooms are essential to every home, and, of course, have the most visitors. Everyone wants their living room to make a statement and capture the eye of their guests. When decorating your living room, stick with a simple color palette, have fun, and find one great piece that will liven up your space.


Mixing patterns and textures can be a success. Just be sure to stick to the same color palette. For instance, if you have a case of the blues, go blue crazy! This tip is chic and will showcase your creative outlet.

Be Bold

It’s your living space, make sure you inject your personality. A bold couch with accent pieces will show your energetic side.


A framed art piece is needed in any living room. When you start with a major art piece, the rest of the design shortly follows.

Lively Design

Be alive with your design. Add a pop of green, shiny golds, and prints in order to make a statement. Be cohesive and stay away from the same print you always see.


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