A large number of people move every year. Because of the flexibility and short-term commitment associated with renting, many people choose to rent rather than own. There can be challenges when designing a rental since there are many restrictions against adding a personalized touch in a rental space. Here are a few tips on how to turn a rental into your own “home sweet home.”

  • During the moving process, clean up as much as possible. Sometimes your space never really feels like home until it’s clean.
  • Once your place is clean and you’re settled in, focus on décor. Give the walls a personal touch. Even if your landlord doesn’t let you paint the walls, you still have options. Wall decals or removable wallpapers are great ideas, because they won’t damage your walls.
  • DIY projects always add a personal touch. Let your personality spark the theme of your décor.
  • Purchase furniture that will last. Just because you’re renting, doesn’t mean you don’t need stylish and functional furniture.

Don’t shy away from the details of decorating because it’s not your permanent home. These easy tips should help you create a comfortable and inviting environment you can call home.



Image Source: Pamela Hope Designs


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