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When it comes to kitchen remodels, experts say one of the wisest rooms to invest in is the kitchen. Since it tends to be a logical gathering area for intimate family meals and large party crowds, kitchens are a smart and popular place to renovate. In this issue, we explore kitchen updates prime for 2020.

1. Mixed lighting options meet functionality and personal flair. Recessed lighting is popular for brightening a room and emphasizing tall ceilings. Sconces, light fixtures that adhere to the wall, can be ideal for shining light over a specific area such as a sink to wash dishes. Pendant lights or those that hang from a ceiling are nice for illuminating a kitchen island and adding to the overall design feel. No longer do homeowners need to limit their kitchens to one lighting style over another as seen in the example above. One tip on mixing kitchen lighting: select one common feature to weave across the light fixtures such as size or finish. This gives a feeling of cohesiveness.

2. More integration of technology in the kitchen allows better use of your time. As mentioned in the “3 Design Trends Making a Big Splash in 2020,” WiFi-enabled, luxury appliances are all the rave. Stainless steel appliances remain a favorite. We are seeing smaller appliances such as microwaves and coffee makers tucked away a bit to give the kitchen a more spacious, clean feel. Options include enclosing appliances like a toaster and microwave in a hutch or cabinetry that includes electrical outlets inside. This also allows homeowners to select the perfect height for each shelf where appliances and other goodies are placed. Alternatively, we’re seeing more microwaves placed under cabinets so that children and those needing wheelchair accessibility can reach the appliance easily. It also saves counter space. In this scenario, consider a microwave that features a drawer (rather than side-hinged door) for easier lifting of the warmed food. Another great option is a control panel/display that opens upward to a 45-degree angle to help taller users to easily see the display options. Sharp’s microwave drawer oven is a nice example.
Under-counter microwave that has a display that opens upward at a 45-degree angle for easy viewing
3. As captured in the 2020 Houzz report, white cabinets remain the favorite in kitchen renovations, many with juxtaposing black fixtures that create nice contrast. Wood-tone, gray and blue cabinets also offer a fresh feel to kitchens and are a smart way to update a kitchen without over-inflating the budget. Blues and greens are popular across interior design this year.

Interestingly, while white cabinetry reigns as the frontrunner, we are seeing clients reach for more color with blue and green painted walls. No matter what your preference for a kitchen remodel, an updated kitchen is likely to encourage more time spent in a room well planned.

Which features would you add to your kitchen renovation? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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