Happy 2020! With the New Year comes new interior design trends that will give a home a refreshed look and add the finishing touch to new construction. Let’s explore three of the hot design trends for 2020 and how you can incorporate these into your home and office.

1. Embracing technology and luxury. From WiFi-enabled kitchen appliances to automated lighting, homes and offices are streamlining processes to allow people to focus elsewhere. As Pamela shared in her “Monogram Combines Tech and Luxury in Kitchen Appliances” post in November 2019, technology in the kitchen is certainly trending.

“WiFi-enabled, luxury kitchen appliances provide lots of shortcuts and options for busy lifestyles,” Pamela explained. “These technology advancements make cooking and entertaining at home quick and easy.”

Advantages of introducing these advancements into your space include the ability to remotely start an oven, looking on your phone for a quick inventory of supplies in the refrigerator — while you’re at the grocery, and even using Alexa voice commands to start cooking. Furthermore, the Pamela Hope Designs team especially likes the good looks that these devices adopt. The pleasing looks extend to the inside of the appliances as well — from metal and glass refrigerator bins with silicone liners to craft ice and speed cooking. Those interested in updating their spaces while simplifying processes have numerous options and the time is ripe.

Coral incorporated into a clean-looking kitchen2. Go bold with color. Vivid color continues to be popular this year. In one client’s kitchen, Pamela Hope Designs used white and soft gray as the canvas and added gorgeous coral for some visual punch. The barstools from Vanguard Furniture pick up this pop of color at the kitchen island, as shown in this photo, as do the countertop accents and throw pillows in the accompanying living area.

In 2020, Pamela expects to see a lot of blues and greens played up in interiors. From natural prints featuring foliage to more abstract prints, fabrics and artwork are definitely running with the blue and green theme.

Pamela recommends not limiting your color choice to furniture, but consider adding it to cabinetry and built-ins. In the first photo above, Pamela Hope Designs has used Really Teal SW 6489 by Sherwin-Williams on bookshelves that surround a fireplace for a stunning look.

Brass drawer pulls on chest of drawers3. Brass hardware is making a grand entrance this year. Brass faucets in kitchens as well as in bars and bathrooms are quite popular. Plus, there is an array of brass finishes including polished, distressed and even rose gold. While Pamela attended High Point Market in October 2019, she also saw brass hardware used as drawer pulls and decorative finishes. This chest of drawers was a big hit, offering ample storage in bedrooms or living areas with an updated classic look. The swirl design of the pulls coupled with the brass edge is a nice touch. Don’t you love the detail on the edge? It reminds us of the classic Cartier Love Bracelet! Clients are likely to see more brass finishes this year.

Are you ready to bring these design trends to your home or office? Contact Pamela Hope Designs for a winning look that embraces design for 2020 and beyond.



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