Our Houston Interior Designers Share Our Favorite Interior Design Trends for 2024   

As we welcome the new year, we usher in a whole new wave of interior design trends for 2024. Our Houston interior designers have taken a close look at the latest design crazes, from boucle to zellige, to help you narrow down the trends that make sense for your next design project. Trends are fun and can be useful. They can help you define styles that really appeal to you, and that will make you happy in your home for a long time. Ready to make some new home resolutions for the new year? 

Take Note of These Interior Design Trends for 2024

Let’s review some of the top interior design trends for 2024.  

1. Bold Colors, Bold Patterns, Bold Design 

It’s easy to see that 2024 will be a big, bold year! We’re leaving behind neutral palettes and cookie-cutter designs in favor of bright colors, eye-catching patterns, and personalized spaces. If you’ve been holding back, now is your time to experiment and push the envelope. Some popular colors our Houston interior designers are seeing include chartreuse, emerald green, Barbie-core pink, and, of course, Pantone’s newest color of the year.  

Pantone Peach - Color of The Year 20242. Feeling “Peachy” With Peach Tones

Have you heard the news? Pantone’s color of the year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz, a fun and playful hue that’s gentle yet energizing. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, describes the color as “a shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless.” Peachy hues can be seen in several interior design styles, including everything from regal Colonial homes to artsy Boho lofts. 

3. Meet the New Romantics 

Looking for a little romance? Romantic-inspired spaces are turning on the charm in homes this year. Romanticism conjures up different visions depending on who you ask, ranging from the transcendent paintings of the 1800s to new age music of the 1980s to candy hearts of Valentine’s past. The basis of the feeling, however, is a sweet, warm nostalgia that makes for a cozy home. Create a romantic space by layering elements like tassels, trims, bows, floral prints, old books, and antique furnishings.  

4. Florals for Spring (and Every Other Season) 

Florals for every season of the year? Now, that’s groundbreaking. Floral patterns are blooming, making appearances on textiles, artwork, wallpapers, and even scenic murals. Botanical patterns can range from the sweet rosebud quilts associated with the Grandmillineal style to tropical monstera leaves to more contemporary, abstract takes on the look. At its root (pun intended), this trend is about bringing the outdoors in for a more relaxed and comforting aesthetic. 

5. Brown is Back 

Interior Design Trends 2024 - Brown Is Back

Gray is gone. But brown is back! The gray-washed woods, walls, and textiles of the 2010s have officially made their exit as designers and homeowners are welcoming back warmer brown tones. Ways to incorporate shades of this earthy hue include dark stained woods, leathers, and terracotta or travertine tiles. Just as neutral as gray, brown offers the added benefit of creating a warmer, cozier base for your space. As you can see in the bedroom above, we warmed up some gray selections with a creamy wallpaper, lots of brown trim, classic walnut floors, and brown furnishings.

6. A Special Touch With Specialty Rooms 

Sharing is caring, but it’s nice to have a space of one’s own. Rather than dedicating square footage to open-concept spaces and multipurpose rooms, homeowners want to divide and conquer with specialty rooms that serve defined purposes. These include spaces like butler’s pantries, mudrooms, man caves, home offices, game rooms, and conversation lounges (without the distraction of a TV). Dividing a home floor plan into separate rooms is a great way to maximize use, especially when privacy and noise concerns come into play. 

7. Eccentric, Eclectic, Etc. 

While uniform minimalism and neutral color palettes dominated trends of years past, 2024 is all about curating an eclectic and storied interior. The eclectic style isn’t guided by a set of rules. Rather, the look is achieved by layering interesting artwork, sculpture, patterns, colors, and accessories that may not relate on the surface but somehow work together when all is said and done. Instead of shopping for decor based on looks, look for antiques with a history, art that sparks an emotion, and patterns that make you smile. 

8. Mix and Match (Patterns, Metals, and Everything Else) 

Mix and Match - 2024 Interior Design Trend

Since we’re moving away from neutrals and into bright colors and patterns, mixing and matching will be a crucial skill to learn in 2024! Combining different textures, patterns, and styles creates an interesting and dynamic space. To get it right, strive for balance and key colors or motifs that tie each element together. Designers are even mixing and matching metal finishes, pairing gold hardware with black wrought iron chandeliers.  

9. The Future of Design Looks to the Past

Trends cycle and 2024 trends are looking to past design eras for inspiration. It’s time to whip out your interior design history books and familiarize yourself with some of the styles that are being reimagined this year, including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and mid-century designs. Looking to some of these tried and true designs is a great way to ensure your space will be timeless while feeling on-trend. 

10. Own Your Oasis 

Oasis Seating Area

Ready to visit an oasis that doesn’t require a plane ticket or passport? Well, one of the year’s biggest trends is creating resort-inspired retreats at home that you can enjoy every day. Primary suites are meant to be an escape from the chaos of everyday life, and 2024 design trends are taking note. Homeowners and designers are incorporating features such as spa-like bathrooms with steam showers or saunas, luxury hotel-inspired bedding, in-room coffee bars, fireplaces, off-suite patios and balconies, and seating areas to unwind. 

A Few Tips About Trends

Remember, trends will come and go. What’s important is creating a home you and your family can enjoy for years to come, regardless of the passing fads. What we love about these 2024 interior design trends is their embrace of personalized style, focus on comfort, and nods to past styles that still feel timeless today. If you need help completing your New Year’s resolution to redesign your home, reach out to our team of interior designers. We’d be happy to help make your dream become a reality! 

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