Tips to Make Your Small Space Sing


Whether it’s your office or dressing room, small spaces can be a challenge to design. Adding a few unique accessories and creative design choices will make pulling together any small room a breeze. We have five pro tips to consider before beginning your next design adventure!


  1. Make Pieces Multitask
    Consider small pieces that you wouldn’t usually think of as multi-taskers. A pouf can serve as a beautiful accent and seating, as well as practical easily-moveable furniture. Add a tray on top, and it becomes a coffee table!
  2. Choose Colorful Containers
    Mix up your containers. In a dressing room, consider a weaved basket for scarves. For jewelry, go outside the norm of simple jewelry boxes. In any small room, containers can be placed around the space as accents and ensure that everything has its proper place.
  3. Light It Up
    Never forget secondary lighting. Find lamps that add more dimension to your décor and style. Gold is all the rage right now, and golden lamps are sure to brighten up the room! Try placing matching lamps on either side of your desk, dresser, or small sofa.
  4. Go Vertical
    Never forget to utilize the walls. Bookshelves are perfect for utilizing extra space, and you can easily find one to fit in with your personal style. Ditch the old, plain wooden bookcase and consider a leaning shelving unit or a copper-accented bookshelf.
  5. Don’t Forget the Floor
    In small spaces, the most forgotten place is the floor! Large, cozy rugs are perfect to create a design base for small rooms. Try looking for a rug you love, and use that as inspiration to begin your design!


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