Your bedroom is probably one of the most important rooms in your home. For most people, a bedroom is their personal getaway where they can unwind and relax after a long day’s work. However, the small size of some bedrooms can interfere with the functionality of the space, and most importantly, your ability to feel comfortable. We’re sharing our top three space-saving solutions for folks with uncomfortably small bedrooms.

Invest in multifunctional pieces
In a small bedroom, every square foot of space is valuable. When furniture shopping, we recommend purchasing multifunctional pieces. The availability of multifunctional pieces is unbelievable. From storage ottomans to bed frames with built-in drawers, the possibilities are endless! Utilize your walls too. One prominent trend has been the shelf desk, which is both stylish and space-saving.


Image Source: Loaf via Houzz 

Go lighter
The general rule is that if you have a small space, you should stick to lighter color schemes. Dark colors tend to make a space feel smaller and cramped. We recommend you go with a crisp white for walls and bedding, but add pops of color throughout the space. Painted ceilings are a quick and easy way to add a bold splash of color!


Image Source: Marcus & Willers Architects via Houzz

Let natural lighting in
We love a space that allows for natural lighting! The warmth and brightness of the sun exudes happiness and makes your space feel larger. We also suggest decorating with mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and make your space feel bigger. The golden rule: the larger the mirror, the better!

Having a small bedroom shouldn’t limit you. Invest in multifunctional pieces, go with a lighter color scheme and let natural lighting in to make your space feel larger than life! How did you decorate your smaller bedroom? Share your project photos with us on Twitter!

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