When decorating a room, choosing where to start can be overwhelming. Knowing which staple pieces will tie your room together will facilitate the decorating process. Also, think of the vibe you’re going for and what pieces fit best for your room’s designated function.

Wall accents add visual appeal to your space. Consider investing in accent mirrors or larger portraits for visual appeal. You may also think about arranging a group of smaller accent mirrors instead of having a single mirror. Keep in mind that your mirror’s frame should be cohesive with the rest of the room’s décor.

Art is another great option to consider when decorating your home. Artwork is a personal statement, so choose pieces that you’re head over heels in love with. Whether it’s a painting or photographs, your artwork should also follow the room’s design theme. The artwork you choose shouldn’t feel out of place. Instead, it should flow with the rest of the décor. Every piece in your room is its own, but they should ultimately become one with the room.

Throw pillows are great accessories to invest in! They’re so versatile and you can have a lot of fun with them. Throw pillows don’t have to exactly match, so feel free to choose pillows with bold patterns or softer solids. Just make sure that the colors compliment one another.

Whether you’re utilizing natural lighting or investing in lamps, lighting is an important feature to incorporate into your home décor. You can also play around with the effect of different lampshades.

Last but certainly not least, invest in area rugs! Area rugs can bring the best out of your bare floor. Consider layering two area rugs for an added effect. From textured to solid patterns, they can add a lot of design value to your home interior.

These decorating tips will help turn your house into a home. Starting off with these key accessories will create a good foundation for your décor and facilitate the designing process. Now, it’s time to get decorating!


Image Source: Pamela Hope Designs


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