Our Houston Interior Designers Share the Top Tile Trends Spanning the Kitchen, Bathroom, and Patio    

Thanks for coming to our Tile Talk! Tile is a durable material perfect for finishing kitchens, baths, and even outdoor spaces. What we love about tile is that it is just as beautiful as it is practical. Our Houston interior designers share the eight tile styles making waves in the design world as well as the top tile trends for the kitchen, bathroom, and patio. 

8 Trending Tile Styles We’re Eying for 2023 and 2024 

Home decor trends have shifted from stark whites and minimalistic designs in favor of rich colors, unique patterns, and personalized style. Tile is no exception! Recently, tile trends are moving away from the days of stacked white subway tiles as homeowners become more adventurous. Our designers have our eyes on eight trending tile styles that still have a timeless appeal, making them an excellent option for any home or office space

1. An Attraction to Artisan 

There’s something to be said for old-world craftsmanship. Our first tile trend actually takes us back hundreds of years to a handmade process. Artisan tiles are becoming popular thanks to their sustainability and one-of-a-kind finish. Brands such as Fireclay Tile embrace a handcrafted process from firing to painting, producing charming tiles perfect for a backsplash accent.

Example of blue tiles with patterns

Photo: Fireclay Cuerda Seca Collection

2. Zoom in on Zellige

Riding the artisan-tile trend, zellige tiles are handcrafted ceramic tiles with bright, glossy glazes. You can find them in traditional Moroccan architecture and now in many homes worldwide! A more textural take on the streamlined subway tile, zellige tiles often come in rectangular or square shapes. However, their rough edges and uneven faces create a beautiful light and shadow play that highlights their brilliant variations. Clé has a lovely zellige line in many colors – from subtle neutrals to rosy hues like the below.  

Ombre Red Backsplash options

Photo: Clé Zellige Collection

3. A Checkmate for Checkerboard 

Checkerboard tile is back, but not in the harsh black-and-white diner motif you may be picturing. Grid lays and muted checkerboard patterns are making waves in both modern and traditional interiors. On the modern side, square grid lay patterns with contrasting grout channel the mid-century spirit. Meanwhile, muted checkerboards in natural stones deliver an air of old-world sophistication. Mandarin Stone has a stunning example of checkerboard tile in their tumbled marble. 

beautiful example of patterned tile in a bathroom

Photo: Mandarin Stone Di Scacchi Tumbled Marble

4. Marvelous Marbles 

Speaking of marble, this is one material that will never go out of style. Although white Carrara and dark Nero are classic options, many homeowners are also playing with bolder stones featuring more intense veining and variation. No matter which stone catches your attention, make sure to accessorize with items to highlight its beauty, as we did in this bathroom design.   

Luxurious marble bathroom

Photo: Marble Bathroom by Pamela Hope Designs

5. A Timeless Take on Terracotta 

Terracotta tile has a rustic feel associated with Mediterranean and Spanish design. However, its warm feel provides a welcoming accent to any home. These tiles typically feature a large color variation, with red, tan, and charcoal hues. Each tile is unique because they’re formed and fired by hand. 

6. Shining and Sparkling 

It’s time to bring in the glamor with a little extra sparkle! High gloss, metal, and mother of pearl tiles are trending for their ability to turn a space into a dazzling showpiece. Our advice — less is more. Use these tiles as an accent to direct the eye to the room’s focal point, like a kitchen backsplash. LiLi Tile has a copper and brass line of metal accent tiles, so you can find the perfect match for your cabinet hardware. 

Gold backsplash with navy cabinets

Photo: LiLi Metal Insert Tile

7. A Craving for Color 

Diving into bold colors takes a bit of bravery, but the reward is so worth it! Deeper, richer tile colors are trending as homeowners embrace jewel tones and nature-inspired hues. We dove headfirst into color when we outfitted this bathroom in rich shades of emerald with brass accents. The result is stunning!

beautiful emerald tiled shower

Photo: Emerald Tile Shower by Pamela Hope Designs

8. Playing with Pattern 

Patterns aren’t just for textiles. Selecting mosaics or painted tiles brings geometric or organic patterns into wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. In this design, we used a mosaic accent tile to create a stunning backdrop for the freestanding tub. 

Calming white bathroom

Photo: Mosaic Accent Wall by Pamela Hope Designs

Tile Trends by Room 

Clever tile uses can significantly impact your overall home design, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Now that you know the top trending tiles, we have some ways for you to use them in your next design project. 

Top Kitchen Tile Trend: Textural Backsplashes

Our Houston interior designers love textural backsplashes for the kitchen. Here, you can use the zellige tile trend to create visual interest without going wild with patterns. The final look is clean, rustic, and welcoming — everything the heart of the home should be. 

Top Bathroom Tile Trend: Pattern Accents

If you love bringing in patterns through pillows, draperies, and rugs, the bathroom may present a decorating challenge. Incorporate patterns into this wet area through decorative tile features. Some of the best places to highlight include shower niches, backsplashes, and accent walls around the tub.

tiled bathroom with blue tones

Photo: Bathroom Tile Accent by Pamela Hope Designs

Top Patio Tile Trend: Indoor-Outdoor Flow

In Texas, we’re fortunate to use our outdoor spaces almost year-round. However, many homes don’t have the necessary indoor-outdoor connection to make these patio spaces inviting. One of the best ways to create a seamless flow between interior and exterior spaces is by continuing the home’s flooring out onto the patio. Select a material approved for indoor and outdoor use, or find a tile with an outdoor-approved variation.  

waterfall pool backyard

Photo: Tiled Patio by Pamela Hope Designs

Bonus Trend: Outdoor Showers

While tiling your patio, why not go the extra mile and bring a beautiful accent tile to your outdoor shower? Intentional tile turns this utilitarian space into an outdoor retreat, perfect for cleaning up after a swim in the pool. 

Tackle Your Next Tile Project in Style

Whether you choose to go neutral or bold, your tile selection can completely transform your space. If you need additional guidance selecting tile, our Houston interior design firm can help. Schedule a consultation today to get started. We can’t wait to talk tile trends with you.  

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