Guest blog by: Chloe Taylor

Chic, meaning elegantly stylish, décor is easier to achieve than you might imagine. It only takes a few, simple design tricks to create an enchantingly chic space in your home. From experimenting with unique styles to accessorizing appropriately, these are our top eight ways to elevate your home décor, making your space even more glamorous:

1. Choose a Decorating Style

The key to creating a chic look lies in striking a balance between different styles and creating a subdued, harmonious look. A chic home design isn’t about any particular decorating style, so use this freedom to choose whichever trends best suit your taste. You can even make an eclectic design fit your space by mixing different styles into the décor! No matter which genre you decide to use, it’s important that you choose a main style as your base. That way you can mix in different pieces that create exquisite focal points and authentic accent details, rather than making your space distracting and disorganized.

2. Clear Your Clutter

Clutter will burden your living space, making the entire room feel dark, gloomy, and cramped. These extra items will overshadow your stylish features, so removing clutter is an essential step in updating your space. Not only will this cleanse accentuate your home décor, but it will also make your home feel brighter and more open.

3. Create a Chic Contrast with Color

If you’re a fan of all things stylish, you probably aren’t in love with monochromatic spaces. Neutral color schemes, of course, are an emblem of timelessness in interior design. But they may seem a bit boring and conventional if you are trying to make your home more glamorous. For a more stylish vibe, use contrasting colors in your home. Don’t be afraid to pick a hue outside your main color scheme. Creating a muted backdrop and then adding surprising hues can create a striking contrast. For example, using a darker color like blue for your walls can make accent colors like yellows and oranges pop. This additional color will help you create visual interest in your home.

4. Bring in the Outdoors

Modern homes have more than a few stylish features in common, and including nature in your design is definitely one of the most popular trends. You can introduce a touch of greenery into your home in a variety of inspiring ways. Natural materials such as wood and stone can help you create a chic, organic look imbued with warmth and rugged beauty. Organic textiles are also a great way to give a natural, cozy vibe to your space. Plenty of plants and flowers create a modern-oriented ambiance. No matter how you use natural elements in your home, they will undoubtedly create an awe-inspiring look.

5. Vary Textures

You don’t need to limit your choices when it comes to materials, but create a play of textures in your home. Wood, stone, glass, metallics, leather, faux sheepskin, elegant velvet, and other solutions can help you create a mesmerizing, rich, and layered look. Different materials will allow your designs to stand out when set against a neutral backdrop, so if you choose a monochromatic palette, you don’t need to worry about monotony.

6. Style Your Bathroom

If you enjoy keeping up with design trends, you probably know that bathrooms are now one of the most popular places to redesign. Homes now feature chic bathrooms with a luxurious, spa-like flair. The best way to update this space is to rethink your bathtub! For instance, consider getting one of those modern and sophisticated freestanding bathtubs to create a soothing, elegant atmosphere. Its subtle design of clean lines can truly stand out in a subdued environment. You can also find a tub with a particular geometric shape to create a bathroom that exudes opulence. Pairing a chic tub with subtle lighting, extravagant details, and soft textiles will help you create the perfect at-home spa.

7. Light Up Appropriately and Luxuriously

There’s a reason why lighting is an integral component of any decorating strategy. Since it can affect both the aesthetics and functionality of your home, you should pay attention to how you’ll illuminate your space.

Introducing multiple sources of light is key to a well-lit home. General and accent lights are all of equal importance in home design because they can keep your space functional, as well as beautiful. However, you should avoid using too many overhead lights because they can immediately overpower the space and kill the mood in your home. We suggest focusing your attention on chic lamps, stylish lanterns, modern wall sconces, and plenty of candles.

8. Mix Old and New

Regardless of your decorating style, mixing old and new pieces in your home creates a more authentic appeal. For instance, introducing a single vintage item into a modern setting can create a striking contrast and an enticing focal point. Adding vintage pieces to a modern home will fill it with a sense of antiquity, history, and tradition. You can achieve a similar effect if you introduce modern details into a traditional home, adding abstract modernity and elegance to an older space.

It takes just a few hand-picked details to turn your home into an elegant and authentic haven. Your home has the potential to can be as chic and extraordinary as you can imagine, so let us help you get creative!

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