When redesigning your space, it’s all in the details. I recently came across this beautiful, elegant micromosaic tile and fell in love. Micromosaic tiles are smaller than standard tiles and are a great, simple way to add elegance to any surface.

The gears in my head started turning and I began to imagine different uses for this intricate tile. Here are a few spaces in your home where micromosaic tiles would fit in perfectly.

You can never go wrong with lining bathroom walls with a classic micromosaic tile. Take it up a notch by creating a tile line that runs across the bathroom’s walls. 

Accent wall
Painted and wood-lined accent walls have gained popularity in recent years. Set aside the bucket of paint and use micromosaic tiles instead. Talk about redefining the accent wall!

Kitchen backsplash
Instead of incorporating the usual subway tile, give micromosaic tiles a shot! They add refined elegance to your kitchen, and you can easily incorporate different tiles to create a unique design. 

Spice up a side table with a layer of micromosaic tiles. Combine different colors and patterns for a fun, fresh look.

Adding tiles to your space adds another layer of personality to the design. If micromosaic tiles are too small for your liking, give hex tiles a try! How are you incorporating micromosaic tiles into your redesigns? Let us know on Twitter!


Image Source: TileBar


Image Source: Maestri, LLC. via Houzz


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