We’ve been very social as well as design-oriented the last few weeks. We are excited to install our new client’s chic high-rise unit soon. We have been designing his rooms, purchasing items over the last month and look forward to next week when he will turn the key for the first time and step into his wonderful new Houston home. We are also awash in drapery and other window treatment projects. Everyone will love their new black-out lined drapes in their bedrooms and the valances and top treatments in other areas of their houses.

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We celebrated with our summer intern, Montserrat Puente. She is finishing up her studies, so we bid her farewell. We took a morning off and enjoyed a lovely private tour of Rienzi. It was fun to see the rooms with beautiful colors and décor. We marveled at the porcelain collections too, stunningly displayed in custom, lit, built-in cabinetry. Afterwards, we had lunch at The Manor House at The Houstonian. It seemed fitting since it feels just like how your grandmother or elegant aunt would serve you lunch after a visit to a museum or shopping.


I had a lot of after-work events too. A favorite, former assistant of mine got married. Here are some photos of Jon and me waiting for the wedding to begin.


There’s also a picture of Victor Ajucum, our art installer. He was introduced to me by the assistant, so it was nice to be at the wedding with him as well.


I also attended a 30th birthday party. We all dressed up and are here in our LBDs.


Jon and I attended a great party by Cambria too.


They showed off their beautiful new stone designs while entertaining us at a cool spot off Allen Parkway. Have you been to The Dunlavy? It’s awesome!

At home, I am really starting to enjoy the house. It’s getting to the point where it’s no longer just work, it’s quite fun. I have gone through so many boxes and sorted and stashed and organized so much. I am working on my own collections now, deciding where and how to display my favorite things.

We recently finished our shutter project too. I have learned a lot about exterior shutters over the last few years. I select California Redwood board and batten shutters for my home. As you can see here, we went through a lot of tests in order to get the right stain color. I wanted some color, now just a brown or olive to match the trim. We finally settled on a mixture of brown and blue-green stain. My refinisher, Javier, had to do a lot of coats to get it right but we all just love the color!


Busy days of designs and special times with friends are inspiring. Until next time, find your own inspiration or call us and we’ll help you discover it!


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