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April is National Decorating Month and the spring season has us clamoring for vivid colors. Along with the traditional April showers, nature is celebrating the changing of the seasons as plants start showing green buds while flowers blossom. They’re a welcome sight against the brown landscapes resulting from the ice and snowstorms that unexpectedly hit much of the United States last month. Like many of you, we’re ready to usher spring indoors and out, so we’re sharing our tips for incorporating on-trend home accent colors like a pro.

home decor colors for 2021

Image Courtesy: Sherwin-Williams

As we covered in a January blog post, we are seeing key neutral colors (Sherwin-Williams’ Urbane Bronze is the color of the year for instance) used in large amounts and wonderful jewel tones used to invigorate living spaces. Whether you prefer to add a few accessories or go bolder with larger, statement furniture pieces, incorporating these vivid colors can really freshen the look and feel of your home.

It’s humorous that most people will decorate their homes for the Christmas holidays, bringing out all sorts of special décor. However, other seasons are addressed much less when it comes to interior design. Even modest seasonal updates can beat the boredom blues and energize your home. We encourage homeowners to seasonally build on the décor that we unfold for them. Putting away a few accents and replacing those with brighter and lighter pieces is ideal for the spring and summer. Here are some great hues to integrate into your home as accent colors that welcome an upbeat vibe.

jewel tones

Image Courtesy: Procreate Palette & Etsy

Moody blues and greens also continue to be popular. We often see the ocean blues and greens in nautical prints this time of year. However, a less obvious nod to the sea still incorporates those favorite tones as shown in the following example.

ocean blues and greens are popular accent colors for home decor

Photo Courtesy: Alyssa Alon and The Spruce

Living room accent pieces can include a statement love seat or sofa, artwork, rugs, pillows or accessories for the tables and bookshelves such as floral arrangements, vases, books (even if only the spines show from a bookcase) and photo frames. The photograph below uses rose and fuchsia to accent an otherwise neutral palette. The two slightly different armchairs are the biggest contributors, but those tones are also picked up in a few throw pillows on the sofa as well as the floral arrangements on the coffee table.

rose and fushcia are great home accent colors

Photo Courtesy: New Décor Trends

citrine yellow is a great accent color for your home

Home Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

Kitchens, bars and beverage stations are welcome areas for spring color. We love incorporating bowls and glass containers of fresh fruit and vegetables that are ripe this time of year. In fact, some fruits and vegetables last longer when not stored in the refrigerator, so go ahead and display the bold colors of tomatoes, bananas, oranges, lemons and limes on your counters. If you’re ready for a more permanent surge of color, incorporate chairs or barstools with a vivid colored fabric or paint your counter base a stunning jewel tone.

Dining areas are also a great place to combine neutrals with bold color splashes. Since many of us don’t use our dining room daily, you can get away with a more dramatic use of color here since you’re less likely to see the color regularly. It is still important to carefully cultivate your accent colors so your eyes have places to rest. As in all rooms, you want to avoid overstimulation. In this next example, the neutral walls, floors, bookcases and even nearby stairwell serve as a backdrop for the bold citrine yellow that punctuates the chairs. The jewel tones are also picked up in the books on the shelves as well as the floral arrangement on the table. Taking this a step further, we’d add cloth napkins and placemats that weave together the citrine and either a deep maroon or dark brown.


Use citrine to accentuate your home décor with carefully cultivated accent colors

Photo Courtesy: Elizabeth Erin Designs

deep ruby used as an accent color with gold tones

Photo Courtesy: Good Housekeeping & Mike Van Tassell

A master bedroom and even a rarely used guest room (especially during the pandemic!) are spaces to experiment with bolder color choices that you really love. In this bedroom example, the deep ruby color is used on the headboard and footboard in a luxury fabric. It’s juxtaposed next to gold tones on the side table, lamp, throw blanket and even the framed artwork above the bed. All of this lies boldly again the walls painted in Benjamin Moore Century Darjeeling, which provides a great base for the bolder accent colors in the textiles.


With warmer weather upon us, make sure to address your outdoor sitting and mingling areas. Of course, you want to clean up the yard and patio to revitalize the space after winter’s woes. Next, it’s time to extend your living space with outdoor furniture that suits your needs and any entertaining that you may plan as we return to socializing with the COVID-19 vaccine being available to more and more people. This is an area that consumers often skimp on. Long-term, investing in quality outdoor furniture allows you to have furniture that looks great for years. As we mentioned last year, if you have patio furniture that you like but that has some wear and tear, we recommend Allied Powder Coating as a wonderful resource. This company can not only powder coat metal furniture but also can replace vinyl straps or reupholster cushions in those same fabulous jewel tones for a completely renewed look. For more tips like these, be sure to read our “Back Yard Updates that Extend Your Living Areas” post.


Home Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

Serving tray in jewel toned blue doubles as a centerpiece outdoors

Home Décor by Pamela Hope Designs

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor gathering or spending the afternoon on your own, grab some refreshments to enjoy outside. Colorful serving trays not only simplify carrying your treats outdoors but can double as a playful centerpiece too. After all, everyone is looking for positive things to celebrate.

Our design team can help you add the latest home accent colors into all your spaces for a refreshed look that’s personalized to your needs. Contact us today to begin the adventure. If you enjoyed this blog post, we invite you to read the following articles on incorporating more color into your home.

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