Our Houston Interior Designers Share 12 Guest Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Company Feel at Home  

Guest bedrooms aren’t the most used space in the home, that is, until the holiday season comes around! Then it seems like these extra rooms are working overtime to keep up. Although you may not use your guest room regularly, it’s important to dedicate time to ensure this space is welcoming during the holidays — or any time of year, really! Our Houston interior designers share 12 guest bedroom ideas to create a cozy room to delight your visitors year-round. 

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12 Guest Bedroom Ideas for a Welcoming Stay 

These 12 guest bedroom ideas are easy to carry out and will ensure your guests feel comfortable during their stay with you. 

1. Tidy Up and Clean the Space 

This should go without saying, but tidy and clean your guest room well before your company arrives. Many of us have dual-purpose guest rooms in our homes that double as work-from-home, workout, and crafting spaces. Ensure any personal items like laptops, yoga mats, and sewing machines are cleared out. You want your guest to feel at ease as soon as they set down their bags, and a clean bedroom promotes calmness and relaxation. 

2. Gift a Welcome Basket of Treats 

Chances are your guests had a long travel day before they reached your door. Leave a welcome basket of treats in your guest room as a sign of appreciation for their journey and time. Your welcome basket could be a box of candy, a bottle of wine & glasses, or in-room coffee service complete with a French press and mugs. A little touch like this will set the mood of the stay and make your guests feel welcome in your home. 

3. Make a Spot to Stow Luggage

The bed should be reserved for your guests, not their bags. Add a spot in the room to stow luggage neatly and out of the way. You could add a piece of furniture, such as a bench at the foot of the bed, or purchase a small luggage rack that can easily fold away when not in use. It’s a small touch, but it will greatly increase the function of your guest room.  

4. Provide a Stay Itinerary

You don’t need to manage your guests’ time hour by hour, but creating an itinerary of main events will ease any planning logistics. Chances are they came to celebrate a holiday or other momentous occasion. Print an itinerary of main event times and locations to keep everyone on the same page. It would also be nice to add any local recommendations so your guests can see some of the sights solo or just take a moment to themselves in a coffee shop if they wish. 

5. Stock the Room With Toiletries 

We’ve all been on those trips when we get in late at night and realize we forgot to pack our toothbrush, contact solution, or other toiletry essentials. While small, this makes for a frustrating first night. Be one step ahead and stock your guest suite with extra toiletries like toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, and razors. Your guests will thank you! 

6. Leave a Water Glass on the Nightstand 

Don’t leave guests shuffling through your kitchen cupboards in the middle of the night to fetch a glass of water. Instead, anticipate their needs ahead of time and leave a water glass and carafe on the nightstand. There are beautiful bedside carafe sets that can be incorporated into your decor and add extra function to your space. 

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7. Add a Note With the WiFi Login

One of the first questions your guests will have is, “What’s the WiFi login?” First, take the time to create a custom WiFi name and password. The ones automatically assigned to your account can be long and tedious to type in. You can easily do this on your provider’s website or app. Then, print out a small card and even frame it in the guest room so your guests can easily log on. 

8. Supply Extra Bed Linens 

Above all, you want your visitors to feel comfortable. Stock your guest room closet with extra bed linens, including additional sheets, pillows, and blankets. If they get cold in the middle of the night, they can easily layer on another quilt without worry.  

9. Provide Fresh Towels Within Reach

If your guest room has an en suite bath, make sure the bathroom is stocked with fresh towels — preferably hung on the towel rack for easy access. If not, place fresh towels in the bedroom at the foot of the bed, on a bench, or on top of the dresser. You don’t want to send your guest searching for a towel in the hall linen closet. 

10. Create a Cozy Corner to Relax 

One way to make a cozier bedroom is to add a reading nook. If your room has the space, bring in comfortable seating, complete with a side table and floor lamp. Of course, your company will be spending lots of time with you in your home’s main entertaining areas, but everyone needs a space to recharge by themselves. A cozy corner in the guest room is the perfect spot to do so. 

11. Ensure Adequate Lighting 

Every bedroom needs plenty of lighting. Don’t have your guests rely solely on the overhead fixture. Equip each nightstand with a lamp, and feel free to add additional accent lighting in the space to create a warm, cozy feel. Pro-tip: warmer temperature bulbs cast a softer light that tends to feel more relaxing! 

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12. Decorate With a Local Theme 

When decorating a guest room, you have the opportunity to have a little bit of fun with the design decisions. Of course, you want to have the essentials of plush bedding, quality bedroom furnishings, and bedside lighting. But you can also inject the room with a local theme to help welcome visitors to your city. Consider decorating with photographs of regional landmarks, art by local craftspeople, and any other motifs that nod to your location. 

Be the Host With the Most (Delightful Guest Bedroom) 

Our Houston interior designers hope these 12 guest bedroom ideas help inspire your cozy space. If you need help with a larger bedroom redesign, please feel free to reach out for a consultation. We hope you have a lovely visit with your friends and family. 

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